Dry mix mortar production line

We supply the complete dry mix mortar plant machines, the raw materials dryer, crushing machines, mixing machines, batching machines, bagging/packing machines etc.
Dry mix mortars are construction materials mainly comprising of cement, sands and chemical additives precisely weighed and mixed in a factory. This mix is termed as mortar and is packed in bags.

Dry mix mortar production line

Dry mix mortar for construction project

Today where speed and time play an important part of any construction project dry mix mortars  offer the perfect solution.  Advantages are consistent quality, controlled inventory, savings in time and labour costs.  The dry mix mortar production line plants are designed to manufacture products which meet the competition head on. The easiest and safest way to ensure consistently high quality is a prefabricated
dry mortar.

Dry  mix mortar production line

Double machinery design and manufacture complete plants for the production of dry mix mortars. We offer the entire range of services starting from raw material selection right upto manufacture of the finished product.
We employ highly experienced technologists who have hands on plant experience for manufacturing Dry Mixed Mortars and Plasticizers based on DIN, BS and ASTM specifications. Our dedicated team of engineers works closely with our customers ensuring that the entire process of setting up the plant is made simple.